Silicone Protective Case with USB flap for Opticon OPN-3002/OPN-4000

Brand DOKKi
Model SPF-3
Color(s) Blue
Designed for Opticon OPN-3002i/n OPN-4000i/n <a href="http://dokki.eu/faq#modification"><img class="size-full wp-image-481 alignnone" src="http://dokki.eu/wp-content/uploads/tweak-edit_0150.png" alt="" width="50" height="31"></a>
Silicone Protective Case with USB flap for Opticon OPN-3002 & OPN-4000.

This silicone cover fully encloses the scanner, protecting your scanner investment even better against intrusion from dust and dirt. This will save money and time on repairs. The USB flap covers the mini USB connection.

The anti-skid surface structure provides a good grip. Even though there are no openings for the beeper it still can be heard. The large scan button is covered and feels natural to operate as the design follows the scanners’ contours. Even the bright LED is still visible as well. Below the large scan button a little raised bubble enables easy access to the small function button.

Be aware that the OPN-3002 & OPN-4000 won’t fit in any docking station when fitted in the SPF-3 case. For this you should combine any SPC-3 case with the ‘CPN-xSPC’ model docks (i.e. CPN-6SPC, CPN-30SPC).

Accessory for model(s) :

designed for stand-alone use (without any dock)

Color options :
BLUE (SPF-3-BLU) default stock
other colors available on request

Alias article number: Opticon 13401
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 85 x 39 x 24 mm / 3.35 x 1.54 x 0.95 in
Weight : 12,5 g / 0.44 oz
Material : silicone
Color(s) : blue (semi-transparent)
Surface : soft anti-skid
Case openings : front scan window and neckstrap attachment
Case flap : flap to cover mini USB connector

Datasheet : DOKKi SPF-3
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