30-bay docking station for Opticon OPN-2001/OPN-2005/OPN-2006 with SPC-2

Brand DOKKi
Model CMT-30SPC (v2)
Color(s) Black
Designed for Opticon OPN-2001 OPN-2005 OPN-2006 with SPC-2
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Specifically designed to fit the OPN-2001’s, OPN-2005’s or OPN-2006’s with our SPC-2-xxx Silicone Protective Case installed. Enjoy the additional protection of the DOKKi SPC-2 case whilst still being able to dock the scanner without having to remove the silicone case before docking.

This model also features larger power supplies, ensuring fast charging of the scanners. The increased docking-bay height for the scanners provides easier insertion, better stability and a more secure connection. Offering a complete overview of what’s there at a glance makes it easier to manage all scanners, and, while being inserted, the OPN’s are securely stored as well.

A single power cable runs from the dock, thus needing only one power outlet to charge all 30 scanners at once. Our CMT single-bay and six-bay docks offer data transfer capabilities for applications where USB communication is required.

Accessory for Opticon model(s) :
OPN-2001 + SPC-2
OPN-2005 + SPC-2
OPN-2006 + SPC-2

Box contents :
1 x CMT-30SPC (v2)

Dimensions (W x D x H) : 45,2 x 29,5 x 29,5 cm / 17.8 x 11.61 x 11.61 in
Weight : 8,2 kg / 18,1 lb
Material : ABS-HH
Color(s) : black
Surface : sand grain
Connection : not available
Power supply : Input 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Driver(s) : N/A
Warranty : 12 months

Datasheet : DOKKi CMT-30SPC
Manual : DOKKi CMT-30 Quick Reference Guide (coming soon)